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now is the time for faith to flourish
Two Critical Roles for People of Faith Under a Trump Administration 1. Faith must stand up for itself, for its values, for its standards, and for its priorities. 2. Leadership means sacrifice for the greater good, instead of just the personal one. YOU MUST STAND UP WITHIN, FOR, AND LIVE YOUR FAITH! IT IS MORE VITAL THAN EVER THAT WE DO SO. AND WE MUST BEGIN NOW!!!!!!! And perhaps the value that our country needs most right now, in an age of almost complete cynicism about politics, is the power and promise of hope. We can decide to spend our time, energy, and the gifts of our lives to make this a better world — for those around us, especially for those on the edges, and to be good stewards of the creation itself. That’s who people of faith are supposed to be; that is what we are supposed to do. And there is no better time to do that than right now. No matter what politics says and does, it is always time for faith to flourish and... (more)

How 4G can fit inti 5G deployment and ecosystem
With details for "5G" innovation as yet being worked through, it ought to be clear to consider how the innovation is relied upon to be unique in relation to 4G and, thus, how 4G will fit into the 5G ecosystem community. Past generational changes have been genuinely huge, helped by an unmistakable outline between what preceded and where the innovation was going. The progress from 1G to 2G depended on a move from simple to computerized administrations. The move from 2G to 3G was more forward in that it achieved progress in those 2G measures with a specific end goal to bolster higher-speed portable information administration's. A bigger move was found as far as the move from 3G to 4G, as what we're circuit-exchanged systems offered an approach to web convention based systems that could bolster more prominent system rates and general developing shopper request. The network likewise was critical in that there was not a simple handover in the vicinity of 3G and 4G systems, which... (more)

Thyme Might Be Your Best Pimple and Acne Cure
Researchers from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK have been testing out herbal treatments on Propionibacterium acnes—the bacteria which infect pores to produce all sorts of spots, from innocent white heads through to puss-filled cysts. In the process, they've found that thyme is more effective than most acne creams and washes. Most commercially available treatments rely on benzoyl peroxide to work as an antibacterial. Turns out, thyme contains the exact same active ingredient in high concentrations. Across the researchers' tests, a tincture made from thyme beat remedies you'd find at your pharmacy, hands down. The researchers are presenting their work this week at the Society for General Microbiology's Spring Conference. But what the hell is a tincture, and how do you make one? Dr Margarita Gomez-Escalada, one of the researchers, explains to EurekAlert: "The plant material is steeped in alcohol for days or even weeks to prepare a tincture. This process draws out the... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
We'll take it from here
So, since the last entry a couple of cool things happened and then I got ill af and have hardly been able to do anything! The day before NYE I went to Kingston with Alex, he tried some shoes and aftershave and we went to Five Guys and tried the new gross fizzy drink flavours, and then he came back to mine and we had coffee from the cafetiere that mum bought me for Christmas and peppermint tea, and listened to Kaytranada, watched the Chicken Connoisseur and chatted for a while and it was v nice :-) On NYE, I went to Electric Brixton with Rachel and Abi and it was sooo much fun! We dropped before going in and it was good, it lasted until like 2am and we watched Disciples do a headline set and all these balloons came down for the new year and everyone was being really nice and saying happy new year to everyone and it was sick! Did it again at like 2am and Rach needed to sit down for a while so we all sat down on these seats and it was chill and just felt so relaxed, had another dance... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Picnic @

Idea asal bermula dengan; 'jom kita bakar ayam nak' Ok Ingatkan nak buat projek membakaq di rumah sahaja. Tapi memandangkan hari tu hari Isnin, dan ramai yang cuti, maka marilah kita pergi jauhhh sikit. Yang tak dapat nak join, bapak, lokman and taufik. Yang lain semua ada. If not, memang cukup lengkap lah. Bukan selalu (ke tak pernah) berkumpul buat aktiviti macam nie ramai-ramai. Kalau mak ada, sure lagi meriah and dapat makan yang lagi best-best! Ini kejadian pada 26 Disember 2016 (Isnin) Lepas dah buka meja bulat untuk bincang tempat yang nak pergi, sebulat suara pilih, Air Terjun @ Air Puteh Junjung!. Idak lah jauh sangat dari rumah. Dalam 15 minit jaaaa. Boleh la dari tak da. Keluar rumah almost tengahari. Biasalah masing-masing kalau hari cuti memang liatttt nak bangun. Pagi tu lah baru nak masak, baru nak perap ayam, baru nak p beli arang and so on. Hahaha. #kelamkabut Sampai-sampai je, geng pompuan posing dulu and geng laki hidupkan api nak bakaq... (more)

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